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Services - How We Care For Your Pets

Physical Examinations

To assess the health of your pet, a general assessment is done of the body is done, much like a human doctor would conduct on a person. Along with the check of the pet's body, the veterinarian will consider the weight, diet, and history provided by the owner to determine the pet's health status.


To help prevent disease, preventative vaccinations are used in both cats and dogs. To tailor the vaccination protocol to each pet, a veterinarian will consider the animal's health status and environmental risk factors to determine which vaccinations are required.


General procedures for dogs and cats include spays, neuters, and soft-tissue surgeries. If a specialized surgery is required, referral to a board certified surgeon is an option. Alternatively, Falconridge Animal Hospital works closely with a local specialized surgeon who can provide services on site.


Maintaining good oral health is important for our pets. Some pets require basic cleaning, scaling and polishing in hospital under general anesthesia. Dental x-rays may be used to assess the health of the whole tooth. In cases of advanced periodontal disease, extractions and oral surgery may be necessary. Falconridge Animal Hospital offers these services. If extensive oral surgery is required, referral to a board certified veterinary dentist is possible.


Our clinic is outfitted with a digital x-ray machine and access to ultrasound services.

Laboratory Diagnostics

Falconridge Animal Hospital has on-site ability to run blood chemistries, as well as trained technicians to perform general screenings of urine and other diagnostic tests. We also refer to external laboratories for extensive or specialized tests.

Internal Medicine

Comprehensive assessments and work-ups can be done for all aspects of general and internal medicine, including dermatology, ophthalmology, endocrine, and behaviour cases.


Microchipping is a form of identification that is essential for pets that go outdoors. A microchipped pet that runs away is much more likely to be reunited with its owner. Microchipping is a standard procedure offered to all pet owners upon spaying or neutering. It can be completed at any time, however.


A complete veterinary pharmacy is available, on-site. Falconridge Animal Hospital supplies clients with all necessary medications and supplements. Prescriptions from other veterinarians are welcome.


The most common health concern among 80% of domesticated pets is obesity. The team at Falconridge Animal Hospital can provide nutrition information and support to ensure that your pet is getting the most appropriate diet.

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