Our Team

Louise, Practice Manager

Louise Louise was born and raised in South Surrey, BC. She moved to Calgary in 2002, shortly after finishing her post secondary education. Louise’s love for all animals started off at a young age. She grew up riding and showing Arabian horses. Having horses, dogs and cats growing up, Louise was the one who would always be wanting to make sure they were in good health and well-looked after. When she finished High School, she went on to further her education in the animal industry completing the Veterinary Office Assistant program, at West Coast College of Healthcare. Louise also graduated from Kwantlen University College as Equine Technician, specializing in Equine Conformation and Lameness and completed an Equine Sports Massage Therapy program. Once in Calgary, Louise realized she really liked the idea of managing and running her own business. She went on to take several small business management courses at Mount Royal University.

Louise came to Falconridge Animal Hospital in 2004, where she started as a Veterinary Assistant later furthering her career as a Practice Manager. She left for a short time to pursue her small pet sitting business, returning to Falconridge as a part time staff member in 2015. Louise brings plenty of experience to the clinic, with a passion for practice management. She works along side with Dr. Rix to make Falconridge Animal Hospital a fun and exciting place to work.

Her fur babies include a dog named Chevy, a loveable Pitbull, and an elderly cat named Kodi. When she has down time away from the clinic and her pet sitting business she enjoys camping, fishing and traveling.

Jackie, Registered Veterinary Technician

Jackie Jackie has been working at Falconridge Animal Hospital since 2010. She was born and raised in Saskatchewan, graduating from SIAST in Saskatoon with an Animal Health Technology diploma in 2000. Upon graduation, her and her husband moved to Alberta. She has many years of experience working in small animal practices and animal shelters.

Megan, Registered Veterinary Technician

Megan Megan has been working at Falconridge Animal Hospital since 2009. She has a BSc. in Biological Sciences, and became a Registered Veterinary Technician in 2017. It is very exciting for Falconridge Animal Hospital to be able to list Megan as a technician, after 3 years of supporting her through education and training at Thompson Rivers University.

In 2018, Megan lost her cat, Nova. Nova was rescued as a morbidly obese senior, and with some careful measuring and attention, Megan helped her lose an impressive 11 lbs! Nova lived to comfortable and happy, 17 years, and taught Megan about the joys of being a cat owner. She is now a certified Crazy Cat Lady!

Megan also owned a Cockapoo named Jake for 14 years. He was a senior for half his life! Because of this, Megan has a special soft spot for senior pets. Jake taught Megan so much about being a pet owner, but more importantly, a pet mother!

Megan currently owns Quasar. He is another rescue cat, although he came to Megan as an energetic little kitten! He keeps Megan and her boyfriend busy and entertained with his crazy antics! They are slowly teaching him cat agility (yes, it is possible)!

Dakota, Student Veterinary Technician

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Meg, Kennel Assistant

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Shaylynn, Kennel Assistant

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Melanie, Client Care Advisor

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Wanda, Client Care Advisor

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Gabriela, Client Care Advisor

Gabriela Gabriela was born in Guatemala City but her parents moved the family to Calgary when she was 2 years old. She attended French Immersions schools from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and continued her post-secondary education at the University of Calgary. While completing her Bachelor of Science in Primatology, Gabriela had the opportunity to travel to Ghana to study Colobus and Mona Monkeys at the Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary. She also spent a summer at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Center on Vancouver Island, British Colombia studying marine ecology.

Gabriela came to the Falconridge Animal Hospital in 2006 but left in 2009 to pursue a career as a laboratory technician for the University of Calgary. She couldn’t resist being away from this amazing team and came back in 2015. She loves all creatures; fuzzy, scaly, or winged, and lives with a tenacious Miniature Schnauzer named Kobe.

Callie, The Boss

Callie Callie used to live on a cattle feedlot outside of Calgary. A local pet rescue organization took pity on her because she had developed a large tumor on her nose. This tumor was making it difficult for Callie to eat and even breathe. Callie was brought to Falconridge Animal Hospital for surgery. The surgery went well and the tumor was removed, so Callie was returned to her home at the feedlot.

A month later, the tumor was back and it was larger than before. The rescue organization brought Callie back to Falconridge Animal Hospital to be euthanized. But we couldn’t bear to euthanize her, so we tried to remove the tumor again. This time, Dr. Rix removed part of Callie’s nose as well. While Callie was recovering, she made herself quite at home at Falconridge Animal Hospital and she never left! Callie’s tumor never came back and she now rules the clinic. She has the run of the entire facility and will likely greet you at the door. She is very good with all pets, but she does love watching our bird patients!
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